King Cheetah

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hey Abbie!

Abbie just stands there, mouth agape... poinko said I could redesign Racie a little to balance her out, and the first thing to go was the pigtail. You have no business wearing a pigtail after the age of 20. ^___^

Lookin' GOOD!

Ramentime Racie

Almost there. I'm trying to settle on a design for Racie Fairre to compliment the one I did of Abbie. Close, but I want to fine tune her head and frame a little.

Abbie Neilson Final

Ah, this is pretty much what I was looking for in Abbie. Tricky as my style is so different from poinko's style, but I'm good with this. Keep it about six heads tall and basic. I'll knock out a few more then square up my rendition of Racie.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dark beauty

Jasmine, the mysterious goth beauty that promises to be a BIG part of the next story arc of poinko's Lancaster Ghost Detective. What good is having beans if you can't spill them (though not too many, it's almost lunchtime). This gal will have a huge involvement with another of the strips fem fatales and will throw you curves like you wouldn't believe! That poinko's so sneaky! You'll see art of her from three points in the storyline; At her introduction, midway through the story, and her final incarnation. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Racie Fairre - Cryptozoologist At Large

Poinko's diamond on the rough, Racie Fairre. A cryptozoologist by trade, she's a dynamic go getter out to make a name for herself in the dog eat dog world of parapsychology. Now with gal pal Abbie at her side, she's caught up in a bizzarre plot in the aftermath of the "Gormothyn Incident" in the Lancaster Ghost Hunter comic.

Bedtime Abbie

More character roughs for "Quenn Of The Darned", a side story to poinko's "Lancaster Ghost Detective" webcomic, this being Abbie Neilson in her jammies. I got a LOT of requests for Abbie porn, but I really don't see thay happening. Heh

Well, DeviantArt is becoming more and more difficult to deal with in some material, so some of my ideas and work will be stored here. Mostly, this'll be about most of the comics stuff I'll be doing over the next year. We'll see...